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VG-Wort Access-ZählmarkeHere are some useful routines to receive nicely formatted dates and times in AutoLISP. Each function takes a system variable name as its argument. Valid arguments are the variables containing Julian dates: "DATE", "TDUPDATE", and "TDCREATE". formattime is a utility function used by all the examples:

(defun formattime (format sysvar)
(menucmd (strcat "m=$(edtime,$(getvar," sysvar ")," format ")"))

Here are four typical routines to format date and time. Fell free to add others.

(defun 24hour (sysvar)
(formattime "HH:MM" sysvar)
(defun civilclock (sysvar)
(formattime "H:MMam/pm" sysvar)
(defun internationaldate (sysvar)
(formattime "DD.MO.YY" sysvar)
(defun longdate (sysvar)
(formattime "MONTH D\",\" YYYY" sysvar)

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