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Why to hire a consultant?

You know your business well. But do you know computers equally well? Can you decide how more (or less!) data processing may help you to do your business more effectively? Do you know which products there are on the market, how good they are and whether they fit (or can made fit) for your applications?

In the best case you or one of your co-workers knows all this. Or you are working with a supplier of your choice whom you expect to act in your best interest, not their. But where knowledge is missed, where your workers have better things to do and where you value an unbiased opinion, there you shoul contact us.

CR/LF offers consultancy to end users and companies in all aspects of computer use.

This includes

We are specialized in tailoring every product to your individual needs. We create the exact tool for your kind of work, by combining and modifying standard components — or by creating our own.

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