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To integrate instead of missing each other

In in manufacturing, for many years one of the top buzzwords was "CIM" (Computer Integrated Manufacturing). What was meant was the integration of different data processing systems with the goal to have all systems work on a common data base or at least provide a flawless data transfer between those.

Likewise in other industries and trades "Integration" has become an important aspect. Storing the same or similar data multiple times (redundancy) is not only a source for many errors but also very expensive.

Despite that, for many companies and businesses integrated data processing still is a "vision". If you don't want to spend your time in philosophical discussions but need to get your work done, CR/LF offers help from the practical side.

We have more than thirty years of experience in combining data processing components:

You don't want to enter the same data twice? You need data from one data processing system in another? You need reports your standard software cannot provide? Data exchange, data communication, data transfer: Call us.

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