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Who are we?

CR/LF is a consulting company. We provide consultation on computer applications either directly face-to-face or indirectly by means of computer books and magazine articles.

Why do we exist?

Because computer are too complicated, still. We make computers easier to work with. To achieve this goal, we help selecting and integrating devices, programs and technologies. We set up computers and software to make them work the way YOU want them to. We create and implement custom enhancements and automatisms so that you don't have to spend time on superfluous things. The computer is supposed to work for you, not vice versa.

Since when are we doing this?

No, we're not one of those Internet startup companies. CR/LF Consulting, founded in 1986, exists almost as long as the Personal Computer itself. Most of our staff has experiences with computers even longer.

Where are our focal points?

Nobody knows everything. Therefore we concentrate on those topics we are good at:

Who is behind CR/LF?

President and founder of CR/LF Consultants is Dietmar Rudolph, mathematician, computer expert with more than thirty years of experience, author, and programmer.

What does CR/LF stand for?

CR/LF means "GO!" The key with the bent arrow is the most important key on your computer keyboard. Whenever you press it, you tell the computer to "DO SOMETHING!" In former times, when using typewriters, this key stood for Carriage Return/Line Feed, short CR/LF.

Where do you find us?

Besides our Internet presence we have an office in Essen, Germany. If you want to know more about us, just contact us.

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