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Why programming?

It would be nice if computers and their software would automatically do what we want them to. Unfortunately this isn't so.

Therefore, in most case one has to teach the computer to do the required things. And that's called "programming": to tell a computer how to do the work.

During our long-term experience we already programmed computers of any size: from supercomputers and mainframes and PCs to intelligent terminals. In doing so we used almost all programming languages of former and modern times, from Assembler, COBOL and FORTRAN to modern languages like Visual Basic or Visual LISP, from dedicated languages like SQL, XML and PHP to product-specific macro languages like ABAP, dBASE or AutoSketch — and this is just a small selection.

Due to this we can claim to be able to train each and every computer to do what we want — or to do what you want. If your computer does not what you request, call us.

We offer our programming know-how also as a sub-contractor to software companies and in-house computer departments. And we do so with prices that compete with offshore-services. This is because we program reliably, good and fast.

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