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Webdesign, something everyone can do ...

Exactly! Using today's tools, every amateur can create a colorful, blinking, sounding web page. And that's how they look like: amateurish!

Web pages designed by us do not use gimmicks nor browser-specific or platform-specific extensions. They display on each and every device, be it a smartphone. To achieve this we sticlty follow international standards. These pages here for instance use only HTML 4.01 and CSS 1. You can read them even with the oldest browser and all graphics turned off.

Best viewed with a computer and monitor

In our opinion web pages are to deliver information, not to steal your time. And this information has to come fast and correctly, no matter how and from where I access it.

Creating good-looking and functionally rich web pages even with these restrictions is no contradiction. Using PHP and mySQL you can implement order processing systems, interactive dialogs and dynamic catalogues without expecting too much from readers. You can see some samples of web pages designed by us using the Links page.

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