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Most of the software we create at CR/LF is client-specific, targeted at a specific problem one of our consulting clients has. However, some solutions are generic enough to offer it to a wider audience, such as our

Document Archival System

CR/LF Document Archival System, main menu, click for a larger image CR/LF's Document Archival System is an extremely easy to use solution to store, comment, and retrieve arbitrary documents. A document in this sense is an arbitrary computer file: a letter made with Word, a drawing out of AutoCAD, a scanned fax, or a digital photo. What is considered a single document in our archive may also consists of a whole set of linked files, e.g. a set of wiring diagrams created in EPLAN or a construction made with Autodesk Inventor.

The document archive is build on top of one or two central servers laid out to handle large amounts of storage. The document server is used to store all documents, the archive server holds the corresponding management data. All of the well-known database servers (such as MySQL) and all common file servers (such as FTP) are supported.

The user communicates with the document archive by working with an easy-to-use dialog program installed on the client computer. This program offers the four main archival functions:

Add documents to the CR/LF archival system, click for a larger imageEach document is stored as part of a project. Additional hierarchy is created by sub-projects and freely definable document types.

When storing a document into the archive, a copy of the recent document contents and state is saved. The original file remains on the user's hard disk and can be edited further. That way both finished versions of a document can be saved as well as in-process backups. Every version of a document is kept in the archive and can be retrieved later - as long as the retriever has sufficient rights.

Selection of a document from the CR/LF archive, click for a larger image When a document is retrieved from the archive, it is restored as an ordinary file on the user's disk. The typical and fussy process of checking a document in and out as it is known from other document management systems is eliminated completely. Just a write-protection for in-work documents can be set. With every document the archival systems stores any number of comments, e.g. on made or to-be-done changes. These comments can be entered during storage or at later stages by reviewers. The original owner of a document can be notified automatically on added comments.

Information on documents in the CR/LF archive, click for a larger imageThe recent state of each document can be displayed or output, either in HTML (for human readers) or in XML (for machine readers). Appearance and contents of these protocols are set according to your needs. Also storing additional document-specific details is possible when needed for your company.

What does the CR/LF document archival system cost? Compared to classical document management systems (DMS) our archive is very cheap. This is because w concentrate on the essentials: We use database and file servers already installed at your site, we explicitly relinquish any integration into office or CAD packages, and we let you define the project types, document types, users etc.

CR/LF archive supervisor functions, click for a larger imageHowever, the document archival system has no fixed price. Any document management system will be used efficiently only if its handling is extremely easy and completely adjusted to the corresponding work environment. Therefore we customize the software to fit exactly into your company. This includes a custom user interface (the images are taken from an implementation at a large elevator company), it includes using your terminology, creating custom help text and more. Also adjusting the software to your computer environment is always part of our work which has to be calculated on an individual basis.

Therefore there is no list price for the document archive. Each installation is custom-made especially for you. The price depends on the amount of customization, on the type of servers installed, and on how much you can help. Thus contact us and tell us your needs.

You want to modify or enhance the document archival system by yourself? No problem! If you want to, you can get the complete source code of the customized archival system created for your needs.

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