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Most of the software we create at CR/LF is client-specific, targeted at a specific problem one of our consulting clients has. However, some solutions are generic enough to offer it to a wider audience. Here's a list of our current offerings.

CR/LF Software

Document Archive Never search again!
A document archival system specifically customized to your applications simple to use even for complex tasks
Rule-based BOM generator Flexible bills of materials!
Let components and assemblies be calculated from self-defined rules working on arbitrary external data and import the resulting BOM into your ERP system
Annotation Translator Drawings in foreign languages!
An AutoCAD program to mass translate drawings into arbitrary target languages
Annotation Translator Professional Even more translations!
Our Annotation Translator with additional features for word-by-word and formatted translations
CADVault for AutoCAD Don't touch my drawing!
An add-on to AutoCAD which protects drawings against unwanted modifications

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