The Chuck Berry Discography - Table of Contents

Chuck Berry's work can be divided into several eras of recording. Click on any of the following images to go to a complete description of Chuck's recordings during the specified period. Within each section you'll find both the records published during that era as well as songs recorded during that time but released later.

The Chess Era (1955-1966) Intermediate Live Recordings (1969) Late Recordings (1975-1986) Latest Recordings (since 1986)

The Pre-Chess Era (until 1954) The Mercury Era (1966-1969) The Back-At-Chess Era (1969-1975) Chuck's 60th Birthday Celebrations (1986)

The Pre-Chess Era (1926-1954) The Chess Era (1955-1966) The Mercury Era (1966-1969) Intermediate Live Recordings (1969) The Back-At-Chess Era (1969-1975) Late Recordings (1975-1986) Chuck's 60th Birthday Celebrations (1986) Latest Recordings (since 1986)

Rock Rock Rock - promo album

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