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Fred Rothwell: Long Distance Information Morten Reff: Chuck Berry International Directory Vol. 1 The database is an international joint work by Fred Rothwell, England, author of "Long Distance information - Chuck Berry's Recorded Legacy", Morten Reff, Norway, author of "The Chuck Berry International Directory", and Dietmar Rudolph, Germany, author of "A Collector's Guide to the Music of Chuck Berry" featuring collaboration from Thierry Chanu (†), Arne Wolfswinkel, and Claude Schlouch with help from record collectors world-wide.

Using this database you can find out which songs Chuck Berry recorded during his musical career, when he recorded the often multiple versions of a song, and who helped recording it.

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Songs recorded by Chuck Berry


All Chuck Berry songs:

A Cottage For Sale

A Deuce


After It's Over

Aimlessly Driftin'

Ain't That Just Like A Woman

All Aboard

Almost Grown

Annie Lou

Anthony Boy

Around And Around

Away From You

Baby What You Want Me To Do

Baby You Don't Have To Go

Back In The USA

Back To Memphis

Beautiful Delilah

Beer Drinkin' Woman

Berry Pickin'

Betty Jean

Big Ben

Big Ben Blues

Big Boys


Blue Feeling

Blue On Blue

Blue On Blue (Upchuck)

Blues For Hawaiians

Blues In 3/4 Time

Blues #1

Bonsoir Cherie

Bordeaux In My Pirough

Bo's Beat

Bound To Lose

Brenda Lee

Bring Another Drink

Broken Arrow

Brown Eyed Handsome Man


Bye Bye Johnny


Campus Cookie




C. C. Rider

C'est La Vie


Check Me Out

Childhood Sweetheart


Chuck Berry Dialogue #1

Chuck Berry Dialogue #2

Chuck's Beat

Chuck's Jam

Chuck's Rock'n Roll #1

Chuck's Rock'n Roll #2


Chucky Boy

Club Nitty Gritty

Come Back Maybellene

Come On

Concerto In "B. Goode"

Confessin' The Blues

County Line

Crazy Arms

Crying Steel


Dear Dad

Deep Feeling


Diploma For Two

Don't You Lie To Me

Downbound Train

Down The Road Apiece

Do You Love Me

Driftin' Blues

Drifting Heart

Dr Pepper Theme

Dust My Broom



Eric's Blues

Even This Shall Pass Away

Everyday I Have The Blues

Every Day We Rock And Roll

Everything Is Wrong

Eyes Of Man

Fast B 6

Feelin' It


15 Dollars Joke

Fillmore Blues

Fish & Chips

Flying Home

Flyin' Home

Fourty Days


Go, Bobby Soxer

Go Go Go

Go Go Go Johnny B Goode

Go, Johnny Go!

Good Looking Woman

Good Lovin' Woman

Good Morning Little Schoolgirl

Goodnight, Well It's Time To Go

Go Shabba Go

Got It And Gone

Got My Mojo Working

Great Gosh A'Mighty!

Guitar Boogie

Guitar Jam (rehearsals)


Hail, Hail, Rock'n'Roll

Hamburg Berry Blues

Havana Moon

Have Mercy Judge

Heart & Soul

Hello Little Girl, Goodbye

Here Today

Here Today And Gone Tomorrow

Hey Pedro

Hi Heel Sneakers

His Daughter Caroline

Honest I Do

Honey Hush

Hoochie Coochie Man

Hootchie, Kootchie Man

House Lights

House Of Blue Lights

How High The Moon

How You've Changed

I Believe

I Can't Believe

I Do Really Love You

If I Were

I Got A Booking

I Got to Find My Baby

I Hope These Words Will Find You Well

I Just Want To Make Love To You

I Love Her, I Love Her

I Love You

I'm A Rocker

I'm In The Danger Zone

I'm In The Twilight Zone

I'm Just A Lucky So And So

I'm Just A Name

I'm Talking About You

I'm Through With Love

I'm Your Hoochie Coochie Man

Independence Air Commercial

Independence Air Safety Briefings

I Need You Baby

I Never Thought




Instrumental 1 (Fox Theatre Show 1)

Instrumental 1 (Fox Theatre Show 2)

Instrumental 2 (Fox Theatre Show 1)

Instrumental 2 (Fox Theatre Show 2)

Instrumental 3 (Fox Theatre Show 2)

Instrumental 4 (Fox Theatre Show 2)

Instrumental 5 (Fox Theatre Show 2)

Instrumental Blues Jam (Fox Theatre Show 2)

Instrumental Boogie

Instrumental (Cosmo 1)

Instrumental (Cosmo 2)

Instrumental (Palladium)

Instrumental (Roxy)

Instrumental (Testing)

Instrumental (Winterland)

Interview (Bremen)

Interview (Brian Matthew)

Interview (Cleveland)

Interview (Cosmo)

Interview (Dan Ackroyd) 1

Interview (Dan Ackroyd) 2

Interview (Dr Pepper)

Interview (John Davidson)

Interview (Johnny Carson)

Interview (KMOX)

Interview (Mike Douglas)

Interview (NBC)

Interview (Pim Oets)

Interview (RKO)

Interview (Steve Goddard)

Interview (Unistar)

In the Wee Wee Hours

Introduction (Bill Graham)

Introduction (Dave Prince) Friday

Introduction (Dave Prince) Saturday Set 1

Introduction (Dave Prince) Saturday Set 2

Introduction (Fox Theatre Show 1)

Introduction (Fox Theatre Show 2)

Introduction (Gary Crow)

Introduction (Kim Fowley)

Introduction (Lanchester)

Introduction (Ritz)

Introduction (Willis Conover)

Introduction (WNEW)

I Still Got The Blues

It Don't Take But A Few Minutes

It Hurts Me Too

It's My Own Business

It's Time To Go

It's Too Dark In There

It Wasn't Me

I've Changed

I Want To Be Your Driver

I Will Not Let You Go

Jaguar And The Thunderbird

Jam 1 (Fox Theatre Show 1)

Jam 2 (Fox Theatre Show 1)

Jamaica Farewell

Jamaica Farewell Song

Jamaica Moon


Joe Joe Gun

Johnnie's Boogie

Johnny B. Blues

Johnny B. Goode

Jo Jo Gunne

Keith Richards Interview

Keith's Rock'n Roll #1

Keith's Rock'n Roll #2

Key To The Highway

Khrushchev Joke

Lady B. Goode

Lajaunda (Español)

La Jaunda (Española)

La Juanda

Laugh And Cry

Lazy Pedro

Let It Rock

Let Me Sleep Woman

Let's Boogie

Let's Do Our Things Together

Little Fox

Little Girl From Central

Little Marie

Little Queenie

Little Star

Liverpool Drive

London Berry Blues

Lonely All The Time

Lonely School Days

Long Distance Call

Long Distance Telephone

Long Fast Jam

Long Slow Jam

Louie To Frisco

Louisiana Blues

Louis To Frisco

Love I Lost

Lover Man (Oh, Where Can You Be?)

Low Feeling

Lucky So And So


Ma Dear

Mad Lad

Man and the Donkey



Me And My Country

Mean Old World

Mean Ol' Frisco

Memphis, Tennessee

Merrily We Rock And Roll

Merry Christmas Baby


Mojo Hand

Most Original Soft Drink Ever

Mountain Dew

Move It

Mum's The Word

My Babe

My Blue Christmas

My Ding-A-Ling

My Dream

My Heart Will Always Belong To You

My Little Love Light

My Mustang Ford

My Pad

My Tambourine

My Woman


Nadine (Is It You?)

NAPRA Radio Spot

Never Do That Again

Night Beat

No Money Down

No Particular Place To Go

Oh Baby Doll

Oh Captain

Oh Carol

Oh Louisiana

Oh Maria

Oh What A Thrill

Oh Yeah

One for My Baby (And One More For The Road)

One O'Clock Jump

One Sixty Nine AM

O Rangutang

Our Little Rendezvous

Outtro Jam

Pass Away

Promised Land

Put Her Down

Rain Eyes

Ramblin' Rose

Ramona, Say Yes

Rebecca And Delilah

Reelin' And Rockin'

Reeling And Rocking

Reelin', Rockin' and Rollin'

Riding Along

Right Off Rampart Street

Ring! Ring! Goes The Bell

Rip It Up

Rock And Roll Music

Rock At The Philharmonic

Rock Cradle Rock


Rockin' At The Fillmore

Rockin' At The Philharmonic

Rockin' On The Railroad

Roll Away

Roll 'Em Pete

Rolli Polli

Roll Over Beethoven

Roly Poly

'Round and 'Round

Route 66

Run Around

Run Joe

Run Rudolph Run

Sad Day - Long Night

St. Louie To Frisco

St. Louis Blues

San Francisco Dues

Say You'll Be Mine

School Day

School Days

Shake, Rattle And Roll

She Once Was Mine

She Still Loves You

Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

So Long

Some People

Some People Live

Song Of My Love

Soul Rocking

South Of The Border

Spending Christmas

Still Got The Blues

Stop And Listen

Sue Ann? Sir

Sue Answer

Surfing Steel

Surfin' USA

Swanee River

Sweet Little Rock And Roller

Sweet Little Sixteen

Sweet Sixteen

Talkin' About My Buddy

Talkin' Bout You

Talking 'Bout You

Tell Me You Love Me

That's My Desire

That's None Of Your Business

The Down Bound Train

The King's Ring

The Little Girl From Central

The Love I Lost

The Man And The Donkey

The Promised Land

The Song Of My Love

The Things I Used To Do

The Vagabond's House (poem)

The Way It Was Before

Things I Used To Do

Thirteen Question Method

Thirty Days

Thirty Days (To Come Back Home)

3/4 Time (Enchiladas)

Time Was

Together (We Will Always Be)

Together We Will Always Be

Too Late

Too Much Monkey Business

Too Pooped To Pop

Trick Or Treat


Turn On The Houselights


21 Blues

Untitled Instrumental (1956)

Untitled Instrumental (1969)

Untitled Instrumental (1986)


Vacation Time

Vagabond's House

Vaya Con Dios

Viva Rock And Roll

Way It Was Before

Wee Baby Blues

Wee Hour Blues

Wee Wee Hours

Wee Wee Hours (instrumental)

Welcome Back, Pretty Baby

Welcome Back, Pretty Baby / Sad Day - Long Night

When You're Twenty-One

Why Should We End This Way

Wonderful Woman


Worried Life Blues

Wuden't Me

YMCA Radio Spot

You And My Country

You Are My Sunshine

You Came A Long Way From St. Louis

You Can't Catch Me

You Don't Have To Go

You Go To My Head

You Never Can Tell

Your Lick

You Two


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