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E. Rodney Jones can be heard on these Chuck Berry recordings:

E. Rodney Jones

6. or 15. 5. 1957 (CHESS Records)

How High The Moon (instrumental)
(Nancy Hamilton, Morgan Lewis)
CHESS Recording

Chuck Berryguitar
Lafayette Leakepiano
Willie Dixondouble bass
Fred Belowdrums

MasterCHESS 12496
ProducerLeonard & Phil Chess
First release on albumAmerica's Hottest Wax (Reelin' 001, EU, 1979)

Audience dubbed (CHESS)

Length on some releases only 1:03
E. Rodney Jonesmaster of ceremonies (overdub)
-audience (overdub)
First release on albumChuck Berry On Stage (CHESS LP 1480, USA, 1963-08)

Audience dubbed (Stack-O-Hits)

+audience (overdub)
First release on albumAlive and Rockin' (Stack-O-Hits AG 9019, USA, 1983-05)


3. 8. 1961 (CHESS Records)

Go Go Go | Go Go Go Johnny B Goode
(Chuck Berry)
CHESS Recording, original release

Chuck Berryvocal, guitar
Martha Berryvocal
Matthew "Matt Guitar" Murphyguitar
Lafayette Leakepiano
Abe Locketenor saxophone
John Jacksontenor saxophone
Reggie Boydelectric bass
Philip "Phil" Thomasdrums

Original Mono mix

MasterCHESS 11075
ProducerLeonard & Phil Chess
First release on 45rpmGo Go Go b/w Come On (CHESS 1799, USA, 1961-10)
First release on albumGreatest Hits (CHESS CRL-4548, UK, 1969-04)

1986 Stereo mix

EngineerSteve Hoffman
First release on 45rpmGo, Go, Go Johnny B. Goode b/w Time Was (Collectables COL.3475, USA, 1988)
First release on albumMore Rock 'n' Roll Rarities (CHESS 9190, USA, 1986-08)

Audience dubbed

E. Rodney Jonesmaster of ceremonies (overdub)
-audience (overdub)
First release on albumChuck Berry On Stage (CHESS LP 1480, USA, 1963-08)


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