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words and music byChuck Berry
also known asI Believe

30./31. 5. 1973 (CHESS Records)

CHESS Recording

Chuck Berryvocal, guitar
Wayne "Tex" Gabrielguitar
Adam Ippolitopiano
Gary van Scyocbass
Richard "Rick" Frankdrums

MasterCHESS CH2964
ProducerEsmond Edwards
First release on 45rpmSouth of the Border b/w Bio (CHESS 6145 027, UK, 1973-11)
First release on albumBio (CHESS 50043, USA, 1973-07)

Single Edit

MasterCHESS CH2964E
First release on 45rpmBio b/w Roll Em' Pete (CHESS 2140, USA, 1973-05)
First release on albumRock And Roll Music (Bear Family BCD 17273 PL, D, 2014-10)


19. 5. 1977 (De Zandkuil Open Air Theatre, Lochem, The Netherlands)

live 1977 Lochem

Chuck Berryvocal, guitar
Steve Bloomfieldguitar
Rusty Luptonpiano
Fred Pokebass
Wild Bob Burgosdrums

First release on albumChuck Berry Meets Matchbox (Promised Land Record PL 92 1977, D, 1994)


1. 9. 1980 (KISW Radio)

live 1980 Seattle

Chuck Berryvocal, guitar
Barry Curtisguitar
Tom Katicaelectric piano
James "Jimmy" Marsalabass (prob.)
George Rudigerdrums

First release on albumHail! Hail! Chuck Berry! Live! (Rough 640509040147, EU, 2017-12)


17. 1. 1981 (Wolf & Rissmiller's Country Club, Reseda, California, USA)

live 1981 Reseda

Chuck Berryvocal, guitar
Johnny Rivers2nd guitar
unknownpiano, drums
James "Jimmy" Marsalabass
Billy Ciofe Bandband (poss.)

ProducerNorman J. Pattiz
First release on albumThe Palladium New York '88 (ROXVOX RVCD2106, EU, 2017-06)
Other notable releaseKBCO (radio broadcast, audience tape)
Other sourceKMET (live radio broadcast, YouTube)


27. 4. 1981 (Shinjuku Koseinenkin Hall, Tokyo, Japan)

live 27 Apr. 1981 Tokyo

Chuck Berryvocal, guitar
Shigeru Narumopiano
James "Jimmy" Marsalabass
Tsutomu Makidrums

ProducerKei Ishizaka
First release on albumChuck Berry Tokyo Session (East World WTP 90072, J, 1981)


7. 8. 1982 (Yokohama Stadium, Yokohama, Japan)

live 1982 Yokohama

Chuck Berryvocal, guitar
Rei Atsumikeyboards
Ginji Shiokawabass
Tsutomu Makidrums

First release on albumThe Day Of R&B (East World WTP 72403, J, 1982)


3. 9. 1983 (Rock'n'Roll Spectacular, Wirrina Sports Stadium, Peterborough, UK)

live 1983 Peterborough

Chuck Berryvocal, guitar
Billy Peekguitar
James "Jimmy" Marsalabass
Graham Hollingworthdrums

ProducerNigel Molden
First release on albumLive On Stage (Magnum Force CDMF 092, UK, 1994)


25. 10. 1985 (HBO TV)

live 1985 Los Angeles

Chuck Berryvocal, guitar
Ron Woodguitar
Carl Wilsonguitar
Carmine Grilloguitar
John Mayallkeyboards
Bill Champlinorgan
Jimmy Zavalasaxophone
Phil Kenziehorns
Lee Thornberghorns
Mike Chicowitzhorns
Bobby Keyshorns
Phil Chenbass
Rudy Sarzobass
Mick Fleetwooddrums
Mitch Mitchelldrums
Carmine Appicepercussion
John Lodgepercussion
Kenny Jonespercussion
John Paul Hammondharmonica
Barbara Paigechorus
Aniijia Shockleychorus

First release on albumRock'n'Roll All Star Jam (Pepper Cake 2042-2, D, 2008-11)


8. 10. 1986 (Universal Movie "Hail! Hail! Rock'n'Roll")

live 1986 Cosmo

Chuck Berryvocal, guitar
Johnnie C. Johnsonpiano
Henry "Chuck" Claybass
Frank Dunbardrums

Movie edit

ProducerKeith Richards
First release on albumLong Live Rock 'n' Roll - 60th Birthday Celebration (Crying Steel CSR03, 2015)
Other notable releaseHail! Hail! Rock 'n' Roll (Universal Pictures, USA, 1987-10-09)


7. 2005 - 1. 2006 (Blueberry Hill, St. Louis, Missouri, US)

live 2005/2006 St. Louis

Chuck Berryvocal, guitar
Charles Jr. "Butch" Berry2nd guitar
Robert Lohrpiano
James "Jimmy" Marsalabass
Keith Robinsondrums

ProducerDavid Torretta
EngineerJeremy Lutito / Logan Matheny
First release on albumLive From Blueberry Hill (Dualtone 803020224124, US, 2021-12)


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