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School Day

words and music byChuck Berry
also known asHail, Hail, Rock'n'Roll
also known asRing! Ring! Goes The Bell
also known asSchool Days

15. 12. 1956 (CHESS Records)

CHESS Recording

Chuck Berryvocal, guitar
Hubert Sumlinguitar
Johnnie C. Johnsonpiano
Fred Belowdrums

MasterCHESS 8379
ProducerLeonard & Phil Chess
First release on 45rpmSchool Day b/w Deep Feeling (CHESS 1653, USA, 1957-03)
First release on albumAfter School Session (CHESS LP 1426, USA, 1957-05)


5. 7. 1958 (Newport Jazz Festival, Newport, Rhode Island, USA)

live 1958 Newport

Chuck Berryvocal, guitar
Kenny Burrellguitar
Ray Bryantpiano
George "Buddy" Tatetenor saxophone
George Auldalto saxophone
Jack Teagardentrombone
Buck Claytontrumpet
Elman "Rudy" Rutherfordclarinet
Tommy Bryantdouble bass
Jo Jonesdrums

First release on albumBlues In The Night, No. 1 (Phontastic PHONT NCD-8815, SW, 1992)


25. 10. 1963 Set 1 (The Walled Lake Casino, Walled Lake, Michigan, USA)

live 1963 Walled Lake, Friday Set 1

Chuck Berryvocal, guitar
unknownpiano, saxes, bass, drums
Berry Gordy All Starsband

First release on albumRock And Roll Music (Bear Family BCD 17273 PL, D, 2014-10)


26. 10. 1963 Set 2 (The Walled Lake Casino, Walled Lake, Michigan, USA)

live 1963 Walled Lake, Saturday Set 2

as part of the medley

Medley: Goodnight Sweetheart/Johnny B Goode/Let It Rock/School Day

  1. Goodnight, Well It's Time To Go | Bonsoir Cherie | It's Time To Go
    (Chuck Berry)
  2. Johnny B. Goode | Go, Johnny Go!
    (Chuck Berry)
  3. Let It Rock | Rockin' On The Railroad
    (E. Anderson (Chuck Berry))
  4. School Day | Hail, Hail, Rock'n'Roll | Ring! Ring! Goes The Bell | School Days
    (Chuck Berry)
Chuck Berryvocal, guitar
unknownpiano, saxes, bass, drums
Berry Gordy All Starsband

First release on albumYou Never Can Tell (Hip-O Select B0012465-02, USA, 2009-02)


11. 5. 1964 (BBC Radio)

live 1964 BBC

Chuck Berryvocal, guitar
John Franklandguitar
Ted "Kingsize" Taylorguitar
John Hawkenpiano
Howie Caseytenor saxophone
Dave Woodtenor saxophone
Bobby Thompsonbass
Gibson Kempdrums

First release on albumRock And Roll Music (Bear Family BCD 17273 PL, D, 2014-10)


First release on albumChuck Berry In London - His London Recordings (Official 4012 FS, NL, 2000)


21. 9. 1966 (Mercury Records)

Mercury Recording

Chuck Berryvocal, guitar
Quincy Maconguitar
Johnnie C. Johnsonelectric piano
Forrest Friersonbass
Ebbie Hardydrums

MasterMercury YWI-38881
ProducerChuck Berry
First release on 45rpmMemphis, Tennessee b/w School Day (Mercury C-30144, USA, 1972)
First release on albumChuck Berry's Golden Hits (Mercury 21103, USA, 1967-03)

DJ dubbed

Joe NiagaraDJ talk
First release on albumCruisin' 1957 (Increase INCM 2002, USA, 1970-06)


18. 3. 1967 (Bill Graham archive)

live 18 Mar. 1967 San Francisco

Chuck Berryvocal, guitar
Steve Millerguitar
Jim Petermankeyboards
Lonnie Turnerbass
Tim Davisdrums

First release on albumCheck Me Out! (Crying Steel CSR02, EU, 2014)


13. 9. 1969 (Toronto Rock’n’Roll Revival, Varsity Stadium, Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

live 1969 Toronto

Chuck Berryvocal, guitar
Ron Marinelliguitar
Hughie Leggatbass
Danny Taylordrums

ProducerBrower/Walker Enterprises
First release on albumChuck Berry Live (Everest CBR 1007, UK, 1982)

Faded in and out

ProducerBrower/Walker Enterprises
First release on albumLive in Concert (Magnum MR-703, USA, 1978)

slightly shortened

ProducerBrower/Walker Enterprises
First release on albumReelin' and a Rockin' (Object Enterprises OR0016, UK, 1987)

heavily shortened

ProducerBrower/Walker Enterprises
First release on albumMy Dingaling (Royal Collection RC 83148, NL, 1991)


24. 3. 1972 (Radio Bremen TV)

live 1972 Bremen

Chuck Berryvocal, guitar
Jimmy Campbellguitar
Mick Snowpiano
Billy Kinsleybass
Dave Harrisondrums

Other notable releaseThe Lost Broadcasts (Gonzo Multimedia HST056DVD, D, 2012-03)


29. 3. 1972 (BBC TV)

live 1972 BBC

Chuck Berryvocal, guitar
Jimmy Campbellguitar
Mick Snowpiano
Billy Kinsleybass
Dave Harrisondrums

ProducerStanley Dorfman for BBC Television
Other notable releaseLive at the BBC (ZitRock ZR-DVD-CHB-16-03, US, 2016)


5. 8. 1972 (Empire Stadium, London, UK)

live 1972 Wembley

Chuck Berryvocal, guitar
Terry Clemsonguitar
John Earlsaxophone
Jimmy Wallsbass
Les Warrendrums

First release on albumThe London Rock And Roll Show (TKO Magnum Force CDMF-105, UK, 2001)


19. 5. 1977 (De Zandkuil Open Air Theatre, Lochem, The Netherlands)

live 1977 Lochem

Chuck Berryvocal, guitar
Steve Bloomfieldguitar
Rusty Luptonpiano
Fred Pokebass
Wild Bob Burgosdrums

First release on albumChuck Berry Meets Matchbox (Promised Land Record PL 92 1977, D, 1994)


21. 5. 1977 (Musikhalle, Hamburg, Germany)

live 1977 Hamburg

Chuck Berryvocal, guitar
Sandy Fordguitar
Nigel "Niggsy" Owenguitar
Jacko Buddinpiano
Pete Pritchardbass
Terry Earldrums

First release on albumChuck Berry's Rock'n'Roll Party with The Flying Saucers (Driving Wheel C 7788, EU, 1988)


1. 9. 1980 (KISW Radio)

live 1980 Seattle

Chuck Berryvocal, guitar
Barry Curtisguitar
Tom Katicaelectric piano
Jim Marsalabass (prob.)
George Rudigerdrums

First release on albumHail! Hail! Chuck Berry! Live! (Rough 640509040147, EU, 2017-12)


17. 1. 1981 (Wolf & Rissmiller's Country Club, Reseda, California, USA)

live 1981 Reseda

Chuck Berryvocal, guitar
Johnny Rivers2nd guitar
unknownpiano, drums
Jim Marsalabass
Billy Ciofe Bandband (poss.)

ProducerNorman J. Pattiz
Other sourceKMET (live radio broadcast, YouTube)


29. 4. 1981 (Shibuya Kokaido, Tokyo, Japan)

live 29 Apr. 1981 Tokyo

Chuck Berryvocal, guitar
Shigeru Narumopiano
Jim Marsalabass
Tsutomu Makidrums

ProducerKei Ishizaka
First release on albumChuck Berry Tokyo Session (East World WTP 90072, J, 1981)


21. 2. 1982 (Ritz Club, New York City, NY, USA)

live 1982 New York

Chuck Berryvocal, guitar
unknownguitar, piano, tenor saxophone, bass, drums

ProducerThe Vinyl Rat
First release on albumLet It Rock ! (Let It Rock ! (Bootleg), EU, 1986)


Summer 1982 (Roxy Theatre, Hollywood, California, USA)

live 1982 Hollywood

Chuck Berryvocal, guitar
Richie Zitoguitar
William Smithpiano
James Hornsaxophone
Jim Marsalabass
Willie Ornealsdrums

First release on albumChuck Berry (Newsound/Penny PYCD-260, UK, 1996)


3. 9. 1983 (Rock'n'Roll Spectacular, Wirrina Sports Stadium, Peterborough, UK)

live 1983 Peterborough

Chuck Berryvocal, guitar
Billy Peekguitar
Jim Marsalabass

ProducerNigel Molden
First release on albumLive On Stage (Magnum Force CDMF 092, UK, 1994)


6. 6. 1986 (3rd Annual Chicago Blues Festival, Grant Park, Chicago, Illinois, USA)

live 1986 Chicago

Chuck Berryvocal, guitar
Matthew "Matt Guitar" Murphyguitar
Ellis "Lafayette" Leakepiano
Thomas "Tiaz" Palmerbass
Casey Jonesdrums

Other sourceChicago Blues Fest 1986 (audience tape)


17. 10. 1986 Show 2 (Universal Movie "Hail! Hail! Rock'n'Roll")

live 1986 Fox Theatre Show 2

Keith Richardsvocal, guitar
Julian Lennonvocal
Chuck Berryvocal, guitar
Ingrid G. Berryvocal
Etta Jamesvocal
Joe Walshguitar
Eric Claptonguitar
Robert Crayguitar
Johnnie C. Johnsonpiano
Chuck Leavellkeyboards
Bobby Keystenor saxophone
Joey Spampinatobass
Steve Jordandrums

Other sourceFox Theatre Show 2 (Audience Tape)

Movie edit

ProducerKeith Richards
Other notable releaseHail! Hail! Rock'n'Roll (Universal Pictures, USA, 1987-10-09)


First release on albumLong Live Rock 'n' Roll - 60th Birthday Celebration (Crying Steel CSR03, 2015)


24. 7. 1987 (Paleo Festival, Nyon, Switzerland)

live 1987 Nyon

Chuck Berryvocal, guitar
Johnnie C. Johnsonpiano
George Frenchbass
Herman Jacksondrums

First release on albumSweet, Sweet Rock And Roll (Discourios DIS-124CD, D, 1992)


31. 12. 1988 (Palladium Theater, New York City, NY, USA)

live 1988 Palladium

Chuck Berryvocal, guitar
unknownguitar, piano, bass, drums

First release on albumThe Sheik Of Chicago (Smashing Pumpkin Records PMK-1126, EU, 2016)


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