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Sorry, Jean. There is no print ed version. I'll send Alain's email to you separately so you can [...]
do a printed version exists so mewhere?
Dietmar Rudolph about Variations of the CHUCK album?
Fred has written a great revie w which you will read here soo n.
thanks ! i'll apply your advis es !!! though i already heard it by the dozen on deezer !!! w [...]
Dietmar Rudolph about Variations of the CHUCK album?
Hi Jean! As said in the articl e I'd buy the CD from the chea pest source or from your local res [...]
so, at the end ...which varian t do you recommend ? 'cause i' ve been waiting for your artic le b [...]
This version seems to have bee n released only in electronic stereo...If anyone knows of a mono [...]
there are two things about the catalog numbers that seem str ange to me... 1): These numbe rs a [...]


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