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This version seems to have bee n released only in electronic stereo...If anyone knows of a mono [...]
there are two things about the catalog numbers that seem str ange to me... 1): These numbe rs a [...]
During one of the latest updat es the image of the sticker ve rsion of 'On Stage' was inadve rten [...]
A reader from Finland informed me that his copy of this rare promotional album stems from the [...]
Fred: That's Chuck who makes t he comments about the piano pl ayer "making Roll Over Beethov en.. [...]
Hi Bob, I am not a musician s o would not pretend to underst and about piano keys etc. So n ow y [...]
Fred: I would respectfully dis agree as to your new claim tha t JJ played piano on "Johnny B . Go [...]
I think you are right to say t hat Bear Family should at leas t have compiled all the materi al t [...]


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